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Study on Absorption Structure and Ideas of the University Students in Third tier Cities

Study on Absorption Structure and Ideas of the University Students in Third tier Cities

With the improvement economy, developing of living typical of people and modification of absorption structure, the community is draw attention to the study of absorption structure and absorption strategies. Becoming a specific customer organization, university students obtain their absorption resource generally according to the family. Absorption hints University students are influenced by house absorption and sociable absorption, particularly through various degrees of house absorption strategies of school students. The absorption suggestions of school students convey their life beliefs and values.

To some degree, they demonstrate religious the world level of young generation. Their absorption thoughts have an essential impact on building of good grounds and native economic improvement, and they have an illustration impact and the radiation impact. So we ought to provide some proper instructions for the absorption structure and ideas. The thesis retreats into questionnaire examine and make university students in Liaocheng town since the subject of examination. And we obtain the outcome below: the absorption structure generally concentrates on everyday spending, conversation expenses, network expenses, present cost and meals cost; the absorption strategy brings together on absorption settings, strategies to maintaining accounts, absorption association on daily living, thinking about aspects of absorption, purchasing spot, absorption behavior on money and so on.

Through exploration of the information and show of the outcome, the writer discovers university students get poor reliance in economy, rely extremely on the parents, keep to the trend blindly and vie mindsets very seriously, get poor judgment capabilities on absorption and poor knowledge of legal rights security, get prominent troubles on duality absorption and dual absorption thoughts that make absorption space turning into bigger and bigger, and get small thoughts on economic. Through enhancing the liberty on economy, building a proper perspective of absorption and eliminating mental treatment, developing problem solving capability and building a technological and rational absorption structure, building up the knowledge of university students of legal rights security, busting through the duality absorption structure and advertising illogical modification, augmenting financial suggestions of college students, leading generally on poor students, building the concept of studying absorption, and draw attention towards the part of Organizations of college students, the college students of third range towns could set up acceptable absorption structure and strengthen proper absorption concepts, which is firm foundation for that recognition of the good grounds and is also great for ideological and community training of students.

This particular thesis contains 5 sections below: Section 1 Educating the backgrounds,, targets, importance, strategies and brief remarks of study. Section 2 Educating the entire model of investigation and research such as the goals of study, assumptive base, strategies and major items. Section 3 Generally noticing the execution of investigation and research and also the show of effect. Section 4 Considering on the troubles of absorption structure and strategies of college students in Leaching town, after that developing a type to attempt assumptive exploration. Section 5 Take forward some ideas for the developing of proper absorption structure and affordable absorption suggestions of university students third range towns.

Study on Absorption Structure and Ideas of the University Students in Third tier Cities

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